Now offering Dog Poop DNA Testing with Mr Dog Poop's CRIME LAB
January 10 2015
Posted in: CRIME LAB
Tampa pooper scoopers is glad to announce that we have become a distributor for Mr Dog Poop's CRIME LAB products. We now can provide apartment complexes, hoa's and shared properties the ability to stop the dog poop once and for all with DNA matching. We will assist in setting up the program, pick up offender samples and give you the results. This is a big step for Tampa Pooper Scoopers, because now we have a partnership with the largest dog poop DNA lab in the country and can service communities that otherwise would not need dog poop services. We has signed the contracts and officially offer this great product as an authorized CRIME LAB reseller. If you want to know more about dog poop DNA matching, then call Mr Dog Poop, then call us directly to buy the product so we can get our commission. We offer expert dog more
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Mending Fences while Picking Up Dog Poop
December 23 2014
Posted in: Tampa Dog Poop
One of the duties of a Tampa Bay Pooper Scooper is to make sure the dogs remain in the yard when leaving. If we notice that there is a hole in a fence or a gate is broken it is important that our dog poop truck is equipped with tools and supplies to make short term repairs. We might not weld a new hinge on a gate, but we can use some bungee cords to hold it shut until the owner gets home. We typically cart a full supply of rope, hooks, rubber straps and fasteners to tie up fences, gates and access panels. While the dog's owners are at work, they can do some pretty mischievous things like digging under a fence, chewing through a rope or just climbing over a fence. We always do our best to try to round up the dogs, get them back in more
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Picking Up Dog Poop In Tampa
December 23 2014
Posted in: Tampa Dog Poop
Another day, another dollar they always say, for us, its one day, one more pile of dog poop. It is a beautiful morning in the month of December in Tampa Florida as I start out on the route to start cleaning the dog poop out of my customers yards. Can't wait to see all my buddies in the yards, it seems like they are awalys excited when I show up to clean the yard, maybe because they like the poop removed, or becuase I always leave them a treat that their owners can feed them. Regardless, working with animals is a great experience. One that I would not trade for the world, unless the world was made out of chocolate cake of course. People always ask, why dog poop? I say, why not dog poop? I get to work outside, on my own schedule and around great animals, and more
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