Dog poop should be taken serious. It is not as safe as people think it is. It can be very bad ecspecially for kids. According to Mr Dog Poop it can even kill people and that is as bad as you can get it. So have up clean it up for you today. If we get sick, who cares, one more dead alcoholic pooper scooper. Nobody will miss us. But if your rich blond haired blue eyed kid dies of dog poop, CNN will blame FOX and the republicans will blame Obama and you will be kidless. So take it more serious and don't kill your kids.
Don't just worry about your childrens, you could get head worms from dog poop yourself. Lots of people have them and don't even know about it until they see the worms in their own poop, YUCK!

Do you want worms in your head? If not, have us clean up that dog poop at least one time per weeks.

We wear special boots made of the same stuff used in bullet proof vests so the worms can't get into our skin. If you don't have them, you should not try to pick up worm poop on your own.

Now offering CRIME LAB Dog Poop DNA Matching service in Tampa.This is a top notch program that we have an authorized distributorship to sell to our customers in Tampa. The cost is $35/dog for testing and $50 for poop matching plush a $25 service fee for each visit that we have to pick up the poop or test dogs, so have as many dogs ready each day to save money.

This is being used in many countries and now in the USA. As Tampa Pooper Scoopers we can service you more directly than Mr Dog Poop can because they have a more limited service area and tend to send samples by mail so you can do it yourself without a professional pooper scooper like us. I do not recommend trying that, this is a highly specialized service and requires good training.
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